About Us

About Us

Providing the Best in Mobile Medical Testing.
Take proactive measures to safeguard your home, staff, campus & visitors.

Our Mission

Proper Testing, a Proper Healthcare company is a healthcare company, specializing in convenient, onsite medical and environmental testing and collection solutions, providing a path forward to reopening. Our turn-key approach to safeguarding the workplace, employees and customers from Covid-19 and other potentially harmful pathogens empowers employers by helping return employees to work, regain productivity and move towards profitability.

About Our Team

Proper Testing was founded by 2 spirited business leaders with the same outlook on the world. The idea that there is an overall lack of testing in areas of need, drove us to form a company, offering testing solutions to individuals, corporations, and college campuses.

Our Services

Proper Testing and our trained medical staff operate under a CLIA Waiver and offer mobile COVID-19 testing services directly to homes, campuses and employers for rapid testing on site or sample collection for laboratory tests. Our onsite testing provides a convenient and trustworthy service, reducing fear and forging a path towards reopening and returning to normal.

Experienced Staff

Our trained staff operate under a CLIA Waiver with oversight from our medical director. Everyone is trained on procedures and can answer any questions you might have.

Professional and Friendly

One of our executives is always on site to oversee operations. For our corporate services, we meet with your HR team prior to testing to outline the process and set expectations.


Testing your employees at work requires careful planning to maximize privacy. We follow all HIPAA guidelines and strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after testing.

Compassionate Pricing

We offer the best prices possible and consistently check the market to insure we have the lowest prices for the services that we offer. We will negotiate your price to the best of our abilities, based on your needs.

Technology for Ease

Your time matters. We strive to make our processes easier, faster, and more private for our clients.
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